Our company has its roots in Zaragoza, the capital of the Old Kingdom of Aragón, which since the 16th century is often referred to as “the Florence of Spain” on account of its magnificent Renaissance palaces. These palaces are a cultural heritage and have been restored or rebuilt during the past few decades by artisans and craftsmen, fully acquainted with the specific requirements of the period, and who are members/associates of our company.

In BASL we would like to share with other countries the New Renaissance Habitat: palatial buildings for the most exclusive families who can afford themselves the privilege of living in the same manner as the Renaissance high society, people who know that a high lifestyle needs a high quality of life.

We can adapt buildings for all climatic and environmental needs, as well as modifying the size and style of each palace to be in keeping with its geographical location.

Only the very best materials are used: marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and alabaster from the very same quarries which have been used over centuries to construct these types of building. At the same time, we install features of the very latest technology (earthquake resistance; smart buildings; geothermic, wind and photovoltaic power generation; and further new technologies as they become proven) in order to provide the maximum security, autonomy and sustainability and thereby minimizing the reliance on external energy sources.

In BASL we manage to combine the architectural elegance of a palace with the most up to date comfort.

Works of art (paintings, plasterwork, stuccowork, cabinetwork, floor coverings and tapestries) will dress the interiors: the staircases, cloisters, patios, basements, bathing areas and cellars. Gardens with fountains and aromatic plants will rediscover the majesty and elegance of the Renaissance, making each palace original and unique.

All these are the services which BASL offers its most distinguished clients, to restore a property or to construct a new building, wherever the location, with that timeless combination of Mediterranean and European architecture which, whenever we visit, fills us with the ancestral energy which we so appreciate.